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Come in Number 9

Having discarded Pluto as a real planet, we now once again have our real Number 9 planet. We cannot see it because it is about 56 billion miles from the sun, where we are a very neighbourly 150 million miles away from the sun. Where we take one year to orbit the Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.31.33 AMsun, Planet 9 takes a leisurely 10-20,000 years. It’s a long time then since it got anywhere near the sun to possibly be observed by even the most powerful telescope. But two researchers, Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin, observed the movements of bodies within the Kuiper belt, where Pluto lives, and computer-modelling of the orbits of space bodies convinced them that there is a body about 10 times earth’s mass and 2-4 times our diameter out there inflicting its gravitational pull on these other bodies’ orbits. 

So there it is, come in number nine, your time is up, you have been deduced. A magical number, is number nine. There is definitely something cosmic about it. It is the last number in the decimal system of 0-9. Ten is a combination of 1+0. It is the last and the limit of all that is. The ancients believe number 9 contains a hidden code that effects everyone on earth and reveals the great truth. Ok aside from the occultists, we can look at the interesting mathematical facts about number 9. Did you know that the sum of any multiplication equals nine? 2×9 = 18, 1+8 = 9; 6×9 = 54, 5+4 = 9,638 x 9 = 5742 —> 5 + 7 + 4 + 2 = 18 —> 1 + 8 = 9, And on and on it goes. Another little trick of #9 is that any number divided by 9 simply has no end. The final digit repeats ad infinitum. For example 8/9 = 0.8888…….; 50/9 = 5.55555555……; let’s try another one: If 12345679 (excludes number 8) multiplied by 1-9 multiples of 9 then the result will contain the numbers over and over. So:
12345679 x 9 = 111111111
12345679 x 18 = 222222222 —> 12345679 x 9 x 2
12345679 x 27 = 333333333 —> 12345679 x 9 x 3
12345679 x 36 = 444444444 —> 12345679 x 9 x 4

The weird flip side to this pattern is that if you add #9 to any other number, the sum of the answer is always the other number, not the nine. So

6+9 = 15;  1+5 = 6

2+9 = 11. 1+1 = 2

17+9 = 26; 1+7=8, 2+6 = 8

and on ad infinitum

Not sure what this means but I have a feeling if you work it out you will have solved the secret of the universe.

Ok so we now have a mysterious planet number nine in our solar system. The last planet in our decimal solar system if the Sun = 10. That is probably why ancient knowledge decided the decimal system was more cosmic than the ‘base 12’ or duodecimal system which was based on the number of Titans and Gods of Olympus. The duodecimal system actually has four non-trivial factors whereas the decimal system only has two non-trivial factors if that helps you differentiate them.

But why do we care? If Planet 9 is so far away, we will never see it, so what does it matter? Perhaps it matters because we have a quest. We have a curiosity born of intelligence. We want to know what is out there. We want to know who our creator is in the same way that those abandoned children on reality TV shows search out their birth parents. Everyone wants to know: ‘having created us, why have you forsaken us’? Fair enough.

But we, in Dunedin, New Zealand, live on a tiny dot of a planet that floats in a relatively small solar system (our sun is a dwarf sun) which is located in a remote corner of the Milky Way which itself is a remote little galaxy within the incomprehensible universe.

It sort of reminds me of an interesting part of a David Attenborough documentary about the Kalahari desert in Namibia. They filmed down a cave, named Aigamas cave, 60 metres below the desert, in which there is the earth’s largest known underground lake.Down in this lake lives a little fish named the golden catfish.Golden cave catfish It grows up to 16 centimetres long. It is an air-breathing fish and as such could move a short distance on land, like an eel. To the golden catfish, this lake of almost 2 hectares is the entire universe. They have no conception of the narrow portal that leads to a completely alien world of the Kalahari desert with its huge night sky above it and the rest of Africa surrounding it.

But imagine if that fish had a genetic desire to search for its DNA relatives beyond its own universe. ‘Why have you forsaken us, oh great Golden Catfish?’ It is, after all, what drives other fish species to travel huge distances back to their birthplace. And, with that drive, the golden catfish explores the edges of its known universe and finds a small underground stream that eventually finds its way to another river or swamp down in the southern rainforests. What a discovery. What a new world with sunlight above it instead of the darkness of its cave. Imagine the change in organisms to feed on, the change in temperature and the new creatures it would meet along the way. But it would not find any more little cave golden catfish; their cave environment has resulted in them evolving as unique to that little universe; and I am not sure they would survive meeting their closest dna relative in African rivers and swamps, the sharp-tooth catfish, which gets to an average length about a metre. But, if they made it to shore and crawled briefly onto land, they would then be confronted with all manner of terrifying flying insects and birds, crawling ants and scorpions; they would hardly comprehend larger animals of hippos or elephants; hyenas or lions; it’s life Jim, but not as we know it. At what point does the catfish wonder why he left the cave.

So why do we get so excited about Planet #9 and beyond? About black holes and space portals. We are far more intelligent and imaginative than a catfish. We have watched the entire Star Wars series as well as Star Trek. We would not just stumble unknowingly into terrifying alien worlds to become nothing but a rather unmemorable snack before lunch. We may believe we are the divinely anointed masters of all beasts of the land and birds of the air, but that franchise is only for this planet. We have no rights beyond our atmosphere.

Similarly in the Aegamas cave the Golden catfish rules all the organisms in its own little universe. But that doesn’t mean much if they come up against a metre long saw-toothed relative who doesn’t feel the same family connection or a scorpion looking for lunch. As a life-form they were created from base organisms just like us. Then they evolved over millions of years to the creature they are now.

If we believe that homo-sapiens evolution has been fast-tracked from primate beasts to become super intelligent species, then we are suggesting that, between us and the primary divine creation of all life from which our forebear primates evolved, there is an alien life-form that re-wired our brains and dna 200,000 years ago to achieve that intelligence. If we find them we should be prepared in case they may not welcome us as children, rather they may say ‘Hey look at our little monkeys, how did they get here?’

But I don’t know why I bother to write this. Fifty percent of my readership would not contemplate space exploration because, at the end of it, zero-gravity golf would just seem silly; the other 50% is of the firm conviction that ruling of the beasts and the birds is solely for the purpose of having them lightly sautéed in a brandy sauce, served with a pear and blue cheese salad and washed down with delightful chilled chablis; the thought of being, in turn, a sautéed lunch for an extra terrestrial is not appealing. So I am fairly confident that neither of my two readers got past the first three lines before disengaging. My words therefore simply go into the ether, just in case ‘they’ are out there and monitoring me: ‘I come in peace’.

Of course the other theory could well be that the sun itself is the 1st heavenly body, not Mercury, in which case, Neptune becomes #9 and the search is over.

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The US of A rhetoric that is getting all the publicity is coming from Donald Trump with Sarah Palin singing harmony. And while he talks tough, the substance of his proposals is actually very defensive. His proposal is to build Fort USA. Ban all Muslims from entering. Build a wall to keep the Hispanics out, with armed Trump guards all along the watchtower. He is leading Americans into a siege mentality. Waving a sabre from behind a fortress.

TrumpThere is an irony that Trump wants to build a fortress to protect Americans against foreigners who would bring violence upon their people and/or corruption of their culture. For only a couple of hundred years ago these westerners were the invaders who brought terrible violence upon the native Americans as they destroyed their culture. Karma would say they are getting a bit of their own back. They fear the Mexicans pouring across the border into Texas, while overlooking the fact that they stole Texas from Mexico in 1845. And from further afield they fear the Muslims who are counter-attacking decades of the USA intrusions into the Middle Eastern countries and actual invasion of Iraq (twice) and Afghanistan. Trump fears, probably correctly, that Muslim immigrants and refugees are a Trojan horse for Muslim terrorists, but of course one country’s terrorist is another country’s freedom fighter.

Over the past 70 years the USA have often joined in other people’s fights and they have enraged a lot of people in their very short history. Up until the second world war the USA pretty much kept to themselves. They were busy little beavers because they were focused on creating their own new self-indulgent world of home and kitchen appliances to make their wimin’ foke’s life easier and fast food outlets like A&W, the forerunner to KFC and Mickey D’s, to ensure starvation was never going to be a problem. Even today most do not have passports and most of those who have them do so because they are immigrants who needed them to come to America. Traditional America is very insular. They only joined world war 2 in 1942, two years after it started, when the Japanese bombed their Pacific outpost, Hawaii, which sits almost halfway between the Japanese and USA mainlands. The attack on their naval base in Hawaii spooked them and their response was the Manhattan project, the development of weapons of mass destruction. So they went into the European war arena to gather intelligence on Germany’s atomic and rocket building research and ‘recruit’ the German scientists and engineers who led the world in this area. In May 1945 Germany surrendered; four months later the USA dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That was soon followed by the Korean War then the Vietnamese War.

USA planeThe USA became obsessed with technology, particularly military technology. In 1958 they put men into space and in 1969 they put men on the moon. While the British were developing computer technology during WW2, so were the Americans and in 1946 they announced the launch of ENIAC, Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, a giant brain. From that point computer technology was dominated by the USA companies of Microsoft and Apple. The technology was funded by the military and its primary purpose was military. They never used atomic bombs again in war, but that was because Russia also developed them and pointed them to mainland USA cities. Strange to think that it was Russia who most likely prevented Atomic warfare being used in Korea, Vietnam, Cuba or the Middle East.

The Crusades against the Persian Empire were supposed to have ended in 1487 but the USA have conducted their own Crusades there since WW2. They supported the Shah of Iran who was then overthrown in the 1979 revolution; then they supported Iraq in the Iraq-Iran war. Then they subsequently invaded Iraq, twice in 1990 and 2003. The United States was getting involved in many conflicts that were simply part of thousands of years of Persian tribal history. A friend of my enemy is my enemy. The USA made enemies. 

North_face_south_tower_after_plane_strike_9-11Until 9/11 no-one took the war to mainland USA. But 9/11 made the Americans realise that decades of poking their M16’s into other peoples’ AK47’s had turned the glare of the Arabs towards them. So what to do about it? They just continually upped the ante in the enemies’ homelands. Boots on the ground. The USA invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to eliminate the Taliban and Al-Qaeda organisers of the 9/11 attack and then in 2003 they invaded Iraq again in search of weapons of mass destruction. The most powerful nation on the planet, using the most advanced military technology imaginable, descending on Middle eastern tribes; and all recorded live on CNN. But if the Iraq and Afghan wars were meant to restore their military pride after Vietnam, they failed miserably. They did kill Bin laden and Saddam Hussein, but did not destroy the tribal conflicts. And there was something a little unsettling about seeing Barrack Obama and his advisors watching the assassination of Bin laden live on Obama_and_Biden_await_updates_on_bin_LadenTV, as though it was a sports match. These Persians are people with an ethic the westerners do not comprehend. It is said if you go into battle with a Persian at your back, at least you know you will not die alone. There are a lot of people around the globe, from Vietnam onwards, who believe this is not the USA ethic in warfare. When the going gets tough, the USA military cuts their losses and leaves their ‘friends’ to die.

I do not really think this is a religious war of Muslim against Christian. Those are just the uniforms  adopted; the belief in afterlife that is necessary to persuade soldiers to face their deaths. This seems to me to be about people who seek revenge when they are hurt. That is what has caused the tribal conflicts in the middle east in the first place tens thousand years. But with the USA and other western nations getting involved for their own commercial reasons, those regional tribal conflicts are now global. 

As an unknown Afghan Taliban prisoner is reported as saying, ‘you have the watches, we have the time.’ And it looks like the USA’s time as the #1 global superpower is nearly over. The tough talking Donald Trump is saying: “Close the gates, build the walls.”


And so, if Trump closes the gates and builds the walls another global empire ambition will collapse as finally FORT USA becomes a reality TV show and we watch the season’s finale: The Hutts being driven out by the primitive, but valiant, Earthling cave-dwellers. Then USA will just sit at the United Nations table alongside Spain, Portugal, England and Germany, other nations that once aspired to rule the world. But that may suit Donald Trump personally. He is first and foremost a businessman who is not, as far as I know, dependant on the military arms industry for his business. He invests in bricks and mortar not hi-tech. He possibly thinks that the tax money that goes into military activity could be far better invested in areas that are closer to his wallet. Who knows?

But while Donald Trumpets on about shutting out the Muslims, Persia’s most politically stable nation, Iran, having already agreed major security arrangement with Russia, is signing a major trade deal with China. A friend of my friend is my friend.


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