It’s a black & white world

One thing leads to another when the archeologists start lifting stones; and so it is when I start writing blogs about their lifting of stones. For, in my last weblog, considering the evidence for an advanced technological civilisation in existence 13,000 years ago brought me back to Genesis 6 and the “sons of god married daughters of man’ mystery. As Genesis 6 said, the offspring of these unions between divine sons of God and human daughters of man, were the heroes of ancient times. Our own history has a presumption of hereditary leadership based on bloodline. Until very recently it was in legislation that the emperor of Japan was a direct bloodline descendant of the gods. In classical Greece the heroes and leaders were descendants of demi-gods; Achilles, one of the classical Greek military heroes, was son of the goddess Thetis and King Peleus. Egypt also has this blood-line link between ancient pharaohs and the Gods and demi-gods. The question raised is who or what were these gods, or that God, or that divine trinity of three Gods in one, who created not only homo Sapiens but also the aristocracy of homo Sapiens who were divinely gifted with the role of rulership over lesser homo sapiens?

Icelandic manThe oldest evidence of homo Sapiens was found in the icy lands of northern Europe, in a cave in Siberia. These icy northern European lands are where the very tall, warrior-like, blond haired, blue eyed, white-skinned homo Sapiens still live. Scandinavians are amongst the tallest race on earth, only challenged by the Dutch with a similar tall, blonde white-skinned dna that originated in Scandinavia. This was in fact the dna that became the aristocracy of Europe as they populated middle Europe from Russia, through Germany, Austria, Holland, France and England, usually through the military exploits of the Vikings.

Genetic scientists have used Icelandic dna studies, the largest ever set of human genomes from a single population, to conclude that the original father of all humans lived 239,000 years ago.

The northern lands of Scandinavia are rich in mines containing copper, silver and gold. The Scandinavian folklore is the source for Tolkein’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ characters, elves, trolls and the dwarves, who burrowed deep beneath the mountains and gained reputations as highly skilled miners, metal-smiths, weapon-forgers and jewellers. But the dominant species were the white-skinned giant wizards who surrounded themselves with myth about their ‘magic’ and technology. These are the Caucasians.

All ancient history? Fables and fancies of primitives? People who did not have the intellect that we have today?

Humour me while I speculate historically based on the information that we do have about our ancestors. Consider that, in Africa, two million+ years ago, lived the branch of hominids whose genes had mutated from primitive chimpanzees to homo Erectus (upright man). It would be quite normal that within these little tribal families of homo Erectus, there were a proportion born with various mutation genes; perhaps deformed, or much larger or much smaller than the norm. Perhaps even a smattering of hominids with ‘mental problems’ (that today we might define as genius, the mad scientist gene). These would be similar to mutations from ‘normality’ that we have today. And, if these ‘freaks’ were isolated from the community and forced out of their territory, could these dwarves, giants, albinos and mad scientists then have progressively moved northwards away from the harassment of the normal hominids? Over many generations, actually over a million year span, did this community of circus freaks continue to migrate, constantly harassed like gypsies by the normal hominids in northern Africa and southern Europe, until they reached the much cooler climes of Northern Europe where they found themselves finally free to live without harassment?

And was ‘up north’ the place that further freaks were subsequently sent by the normal hominids over the millennia? But in these much colder climates they would have faced completely new sets of challenges to survive. So did their brains respond to the challenges? For nature will provide the tools to deal with challenges of nature. Desperation creates the need for smarter thinking, better brain response, greater brain activity creates greater brains, just like exercising muscles; and only the smartest and biggest survive to breeding age or are accepted by females as breeding companions. Shelter against the harsh elements would have been among the first needs; complex clothing and solid constructions to shelter from the winters rather than the flimsy clothing and constructions of the African nomads. Communication skills, organisational skills and laws would become more essential as communal cooperation would be critical to survival. Domestication of animals would be a solution when incessant storms would prevent hunting.

As evidence shows, this northern Europe branch of Homo Erectus evolved into a quite different species, Homo heidelbergensis? They emerged from Africa but were the first human species that were adaptable to colder climates. They were also widely known for their ability to hunt large animals, which was not seen in the human species before them. They were the first human species to build their own living shelter.  The Heidelbergensis male was about 175cm tall and weighed around 136 lbs, whereas the female average height was 157 cm tall and weighed 112 lbs. They had a large brain case with a flatter face than that today’s humans. A tall, white skinned tribe, the  predecessor of the Neanderthal and also of us, the Sapiens. Did hundreds of thousands of years in fully-clothed protection from the cold change their skin colour permanently. After all the soles of Africans feet and palms of their hands are quite pale. Perhaps over the development period of several hundred thousand years, highly motivated by survival needs in a harsh climate, they had their own Thomas Edison who observed lightning running down a kite string to create electricity? Their own James Watt who studied the power of steam? Their own Galileo who observed the movement of planets and their own Marconi who discovered radio communication?

We know that somewhere along the timeline of history of our ancestors did achieve great engineering feats of pyramids and monuments that astound us even today. Thousands of years ago people had developed astronomical knowledge on which is based today’s space programme; people had developed mathematical knowledge upon which today’s computers are dependent. People could smelt metals from the earth to make tools and weapons and they developed farming principles upon which our population today is completely dependent. Those people who took this intellectual path, however it came about, had been subject to some influence or environment that distinguished them from primitive nomads and hunter gatherers who also lived on earth during those same times.

The last ice age started just over a hundred thousand years ago. During the ice age the north of Europe was covered in ice as far south as Germany and Poland. The climate generally was very dry and in Africa and the Middle East many smaller mountain glaciers formed and the Sahara and Gobi deserts expanded significantly. The Persian Gulf averaged about 35 metres in depth and the seabed between Abu Dhabi and Qatar was mostly less than 15 metres deep. For thousands of years the Ur Shatt river, formed from the Tigris Euphrates rivers, ran through Iraq and Iran and provided fresh water to the Gulf. Bathymetric data suggests there were two palaeo-basins in the Persian Gulf. The central basin may have approached an area of 20,000 km², comparable at its fullest extent to lakes such as Lake Malawi in Africa.

This region is one of the most favoured speculations for God and his angels having set up the garden of Eden. Under the pressure of the ice age in their northern homeland, is it impossible to imagine that some of these white-skinned giants with their ‘magic’ sent exploratory groups to develop southern farmlands to send food home? Did they use the more primitive African/ Asian nomadic hominids of this region as slaves on their farms? These southern hominids had not needed to develop their civilisations beyond the nomadic hunter gather level simply because they lived in a much kinder climate than the Caucasians had experienced. Conversely, having lived in cold climates for millennia, this ‘down south’ climate might have been as hot as hell for the Caucasians. In much the same way that the British found the India excessively hot while they exploited the natives to mine their gold, cut down their mahogany, grow their tea and cook a damn fine curry.

ramidus_to_erectusThe Caucasians then would have seen these primitive hominids, possibly still barely evolved from the original homo Erectus, as scarcely different to animals. But, while primitive, they were nonetheless of the same species and so  is it possible that the Caucasians found the slave women pleasing to the loins? Was this Genesis 6, the sons of gods resorting to the daughters of man and having children by them?

As outlined in the previous weblogs, there is evidence of a huge comet strike just over 12,000 years ago. Fragments of the comet are believed to have hit the North American ice shelf as well as right across the North European ice shelf. Perhaps the civilisation that the Caucasians had established throughout Scandinavia was obliterated in this comet strike and the only pure Caucasian survivors were those who had moved south into the Mediterranean and North African regions. And perhaps it was these survivors who were the sages who preserved human genes, animal genes and seeds (Noah’s Ark myth) and set about regenerating their Caucasian civilisation. And would it then be possible that the golden-skinned offspring of the liaisons between the white-skinned giants and the Negro/ Asian women blended the strength and intelligence genes of their Caucasian fathers, the ‘gods’, with the athleticism of their nomadic mothers’ genes? That such offspring would be remembered as the glorious Greek athletes, Trojan warrior heroes and Babylonian scholars of mythology? That this would be remembered in modern history as our human race’s ‘classical age’ and from these demi gods came the aristocratic blood lines of Europe. And from these aristocratic stocks came the kings and queens of the modern world?

If we arrogantly think that we, this generation, are the pinnacle of human development and its all been building quietly to this point, remember we are trying to place ourselves in the environment of 13,000 years ago and work out how humanity had developed over the 200,000 years prior to that. For relativity, try to fast forward to the year 13,000 ad and assume, for whatever natural process, there is no Eiffel tower, no World Tower, no Sky tower, Opera House or Taj Mahal still in existence. Imagine they are all just rubble buried beneath the earth. That during those 11,000 years between now and 13,000 ad. a comet had struck the earth or super virus had swept the planet and wiped out most of our population. But some humans survived, Mad Max style, and rebuilt our civilisation from scratch over those 11,000 years and it took 13,000 to rebuild it back to what we have now. Could the humans of 13,000 ad then believe that 11,000 years previously we were putting men on Mars? And if there were descendants in that distant time from our own land, would they retell legends of Ed Hillary, Richie McCaw and the giant Jonah Lomu? And while we think of ourselves in very generic terms to be a technologically highly advanced race, in real one-on-one terms, exactly how many of the 7 billion people on the planet today could build a computer, let along conceive of one. Or a mobile phone, or any telephone more complicated than two cans and a piece of string for that matter . 

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.24.42 AM

Are we, as current caucasian descendants, primally racist deep in our dna? Do we have an inborn belief that we are a species above other human species? Let us briefly recount the stark black and white issue of our own times. The Ayrian attempt at extermination of the Jews and Negroes may stand as one of the the single most horrific events in our history, but is that just a symptom of a deep rooted attitude of the Caucasian gene globally rather than an isolated crime carried out by a handful of madmen? The racism of the white Americans towards the black African-Americans certainly appeared, from all accounts, to have been deeply rooted in their dna. The abolition of slavery in the USA in 1865 was very much an academic exercise. As slaves, their owners provided them food, clothing and shelter. Primitive it may have been but they considered them as livestock, chattels and as such they had to take reasonable care of their investment. As ‘free men’ the negroes earned a pitiful wage in a caucasian world, if they could even find work. And from that wage they had to provide their own food, clothing and shelter. In effect, was life any different? They were still treated socially like animals, particularly in the Southern States where beatings, murder and rape were quite simply unpunished. It was not, in their minds, man’s inhumanity to man; they believed in their deepest dna that white Caucasians are a completely different, and totally superior, species to black Africans. This was not a tribal conflict as you would find on any continent; this is a belief in a primal difference in the two species. One genetically linked to divine authority and the other genetically linked to apes that had been taught to speak and dress.

And before we write this history off as being isolated to those arrogant, ugly Americans, slavery in America was actually a British venture. Slavery of black Africans goes back as far as historical records reach throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean which were within easy reach of the African source of slaves. As transport by sea became more advanced, more distant countries embraced the slave trade. In the 16th Century, Britain followed the example of the Portuguese in travelling to the west coast of Africa and enslaving Africans. The British slave trade business was started by Sir John Hawkins with the support and investment of Elizabeth I in 1573. The trade became a very lucrative business. Bristol grew rich on it, then Liverpool. London also dealt in slaves as did some of the smaller British ports. The specialised vessels were built in many British shipyards, but most were constructed in Liverpool. Laden with trade goods (guns and ammunition, rum, metal goods and cloth) they sailed to the ‘Slave Coast’, exchanged the goods for human beings, packed them into the vessels like sardines and sailed them across the Atlantic. On arrival, those left alive were oiled to make them look healthy and put on the auction block. Again, death rates (during the voyage) are unknown: one estimate, for the 1840s, is 25 per cent. British immigrant plantation and mine-owners bought the Africans. The enslaved in the British colonies had no legal rights as they were not human – they were not permitted to marry and couples and their children were often sold off separately. Historian Paul Lovejoy has conservatively estimated that between 1701 and 1800 about 40 per cent of the approximately more than 6 million enslaved Africans were transported in British vessels.

Britain dominated its European rivals and became the premier global slave trader from the seventeenth to early nineteenth centuries when the trade was made illegal in Britain in 1807. By then it had been well established as an essential part of the economy in America where British immigrant landowners grew cotton for the British cotton mills. Passing a law against trading in slaves did not, however, prevent British businesses from importing products such as cotton, tobacco and sugar produced by slave labour in America and the West Indies. There is no certainty whether the Laws actually even actually stopped the slave trade until it was abolished in America, their primary market. Slavery was an ‘out of sight’ trade, between West Africa and the Americas and so would have required diligent off-shore enforcement and there is no evidence that it happened at any more than a token level. These were the same British who, until the latter half of the 20th century, still legally classified Australian Aborigines as a species of Australian fauna and where, even into the 20th century, night-time ‘abbo hunting’ was a redneck sport similar to rabbit shooting.

But although the white Caucasians may believe the black Africans to be a completely different species, seen as non-human for which there was no crime attached to rape, torture, or murder, they are genetically quite capable of successfully breeding with them and indeed in modern times the ‘sons of Caucasian’ have found the daughters of negroes to be pleasing and they have, over the centuries, created millions of demi-caucasians. Many are the heroic athletes and warriors of the modern world.

History repeats.

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