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Is it in the stars?

Being a Pisces it would have been remiss of me not to acknowledge that today is a solar eclipse in Pisces. And not just any solar eclipse but actually the grand finale act of two years of solar eclipses and the likes of this solar eclipse in Pisces will not be seen again for a very long time. And a long time in cosmic terms is very long time. I watched a great series on the Pyramid Code on Netflix (yep finally got internet flowing from a trickle to a river) and from this great series realised that a great year in earth terms is actually 25-26,000 years; that is the time it takes us to wobble the 360 degree circuit of the twelve constellations, moving at a snail’s pace one degree each 72 years. So approximately one degree every single human lifetime. 360 x 72 = 25,920 to go from the winter solstice sun being in, say Aquarius, moving all the way around the circuit until it is in Aquarius again (according to my memory of the 70’s, even though cool cats claim that if you remember the 70’s you weren’t there, and the musical “Hair” (yep saw it in Melbourne in ’71) then this is actually the dawn of the age of Aquarius. If my maths is correct we will spend just over 2,000 years in Aquarius so we are still just starting on that trip, man.

Any-old-how, back to the pyramids and just how old they are. Carbon dating and the records of the local pharaoh has us dating the construction of the pyramids as 4,500-5000 years ago. But carbon dating cannot date stone! It can only date organic matter. So that is the archeological equivalent of painting your house 10 years ago and having a carbon-dating analyst declare your house is 10 years old. No doubt there was a bit of repair work done during the time of the pharaohs as the limestone coating crumbled away, leaving a carbon footprint 4-5,000 years old and no doubt the pharaohs did build replicas of the Giza pyramids for their own grand tombs and these are genuinely 4-5,000 years old. But let us focus on the originals, the three pyramids of Giza. The big question is that we know the Egyptians of 4-5,000 years ago simply did not have the technology to build them. Anyone who has studied the pyramids or even visited them concurs with that. There is a flat surfaced circular stone at the site that simply cannot have been carved by primitive tools. The location over a magnetic lay line, the mathematical and cosmic precision of the dimensions and location on the planet’s surface, the alignment with the stars, none of this is coincidental nor within the non-computerised capabilities of the Egyptians of 3,000 bc. At this point everyone just shakes their heads and thinks of something else.

Back again to the “great year” of 25,920 years. That is real and mathematically undeniable. From this there is the theory that just as in our 12 hour day we humans have energy cycles going high to low, creative cycles, mood cycles, and just as our planet has seasonal cycles, all perfectly natural, so too does the planet and the human species have great “age” cycles. We move from light, or enlightened, ages to the dark ages in cycles. It is the natural way of things.

Some speculate that humans have destroyed the planet and undermined the morality of our species so irreversibly that we face an imminent “Mad Max” scenario. But what if, in reality, our species has already had its Mad Max age; here is the chart that those naked onstage performers in the Hair Musical  were working off. In the 25,000 year great cycle, the last Golden or enlightened age ended about 18,000 years ago. great_year_smAccording to this chart of the great year cycle, our civilisation then gradually deteriorated into silver and bronze phases until it slumped into the darkness of the iron phase. Enter Mad Max when hordes of barbarians roamed Europe with armour plated bodies riding chariots, tanks and eventually aircraft to inhumanely slaughter people at a whim. As an example, in 2013 the oldest known megalithic temple was discovered at the enormous site of Gobekli Tepe in Southern Turkey. The oldest parts of this great temple are accurately dated back to 12,000 years ago. But what is most interesting is that the newer parts of the complex are markedly less impressive than the oldest parts of the complex. What started as brilliant engineering and architecture became progressively much less impressive as the centuries rolled on in complete contrast to what we would expect. The standard of civilisation was in a noticeable decline. But now we are now just emerging from that dark place and it is all upwards and brighter as we enter the next golden, enlightened age of Aquarius. I can sense the mocking coming through the screen already but look at the extraordinary progress in technology in the 40 years since the 1970’s relative to the 4000 years before. We really have to stop thinking of civilisation in terms relative to our own personal lifespan. We cannot be so small-minded as to think that anything beyond our written and witnessed history books simply never existed. Or that history existed only in the most primitive forms until it evolved to the ultimate glory which is us (well, I mean me, not us).

And the pyramids are staring at us, stone-faced, as monuments that long before us was an age of inhabitants, presumably human, with technology that we are only now starting to catch up with.  It is only in the last 50 years that we have developed (or remembered?) the computer technology that may now enable us to contemplate a technological achievement like the great Pyramid of Giza.

So back again to the question of just how old the Giza pyramids and Sphinx are. The Sphinx is an astrological alignment facing due east for the Spring equinox, which is no accident. It is in lion body form, which also was not just a whim of the architect and the sun at spring equinox was last in the constellation of Leo in the 9,000 bc era. At the moment of sunrise then, if you turned 90 degrees to face due south you would have seen the three stars of Orion’s belt appear in the exact same alignment as the three pyramids of Giza. This again is not coincidence; the Egyptians were very astrologically astute. This is far more scientific than the age of some organic matter on the current surface of the pyramid. This would put the construction of the Giza pyramids back in the silver age and, coincidently, about the time the planet had to start recovering from the great comet strike and global deluge as detailed in an earlier blog,

But if we could build a great pyramid, why would we? Well, perhaps as a far superior energy source than fossil fuels for a start. You see the latest studies of the Giza pyramids have concluded that they were in fact super power plants producing an ecologically friendly ‘implosive’ power source rather than the fossil-fuelled ‘explosive’ power source. They were all built in hard granite and, as we all know, granite makes the highest quality batteries. granite-batteryThen they were sheathed in a low conductive limestone to contain the energy within.

The largest of the great pyramids was actually gleaming white in its original state. The other two smaller pyramids were red and black granite respectively; very AC/DC. There was a water table beneath the pyramids, they were built on a magnetic lay line and they had the direct energy source of the sun. In effect, all the elements of a power generator that could supply the nearby city.

Let there be light. And there was light.

Recovered memory of ancient technology will save our planet and bring us into the next golden age. It is written in the stars. This is the dawning of enlightenment.


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