Let there be light

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While, in human terms, we mainly think of time in context with the life span of our own species in recorded history, the earth contemplates its relativity to the universe on a much grander scale.  Earth’s timescale in its cosmic environment works on what is termed a great year which is 25-26,000 circuits of the sun. For that is the timespan it takes us to spin with a wobble the 360-degree circuit of the twelve constellations of space, moving at a snail’s pace of one degree each 72 years. We spend approximately 2,000 years in each constellation of the zodiac. Right now, relatively speaking, we are transitioning from 2,000+ years in Pisces into the age of Aquarius. We have solid archaeological evidence, in construction terms, of the nature of civilisation during this 2000-year era of Pisces but before this era the evidence becomes progressively more sparse and we then start relying more and more on pottery fragments until we get to the great pyramids of Giza. These pyramids are staring at us, stone-faced, as monuments proving that long before us was an age of inhabitants with technology that we are only now starting to catch up with. But most interestingly there is no evidence of the expected progression of construction and engineering from the time the great pyramid until 221 BC with the great wall of China, and even that is hardly of the scale and technique of the Giza pyramids.

Carbon dating and the records of the local pharaoh has us dating the construction of the pyramids as 4,500-5000 years ago. Apart from the physical challenges (over two million stone blocks averaging 2.5 tons, with the large granite blocks above the king’s chamber weighing between 25 and 80 tons each and with casing and inner chamber blocks set in place with a precision of half a millimeter) there are the alignment challenges. The great pyramid of Giza sits directly over an invisible electro-magnetic ley line and is aligned within 0.05 of a degree accuracy due true north/south. The mathematical and cosmic precision of the dimensions is not coincidental and achieving it would not be possible without computer and satellite assistance.

The Sphinx, as part of the pyramid complex, is an astrological alignment facing due east for the Spring equinox, which is no accident. It is in lion body form, which also was not just a whim of the architect and the sun at Spring equinox was last in the constellation of Leo in the 9,000 bc era. 9,000bc was also the timing of the emerging of the earth from the 1,000-year nuclear winter of the Comet-created Younger Dryas. If, at the sunrise on the Spring equinox, you turned 90 degrees to face due south you would have seen the three stars of Orion’s belt appear in the exact same alignment as the three pyramids of Giza. This is also not a coincidence; the Egyptians were very astrologically astute. There is carbon dating tracing the pyramids back 4-5,000 years, but carbon dating cannot date stone! It can only date organic matter. So that is the archaeological equivalent of painting your house 10 years ago and having a carbon-dating analyst declare your house is 10 years old. No doubt there was a bit of repair work done during the time of the pharaohs as the limestone coating crumbled away, leaving a carbon footprint 4-5,000 years old and no doubt the pharaohs did build replicas of the Giza pyramids for their own grand tombs, and these are genuinely 4-5,000 years old. But let us focus on the originals, the three pyramids of Giza and their Lion headed Sphinx. This Sphynx could be the Egyptians establishing the time of construction of the pyramids for us to be able to interpret more than ten thousand years later.

The Age of Leo was from 10 000 till 8 000 years BC. This was when individuality started appearing for the first time. Humans gradually started to think as separate beings with unique qualities. The desire to lead and organise the primitive social structures and have superior power over others, brought on the horizon the first kinds/priests/rulers/shamans of human origin (it is believed that humanity was led by more advanced mentors/creators). All these qualities of individuality, superiority and leadership are a common feature for people with Leo in their horoscope nowadays. This was said to be a Golden Age for humanity, because the consciousness of connection with God and the higher invisible worlds and their inhabitants, was still a living reality for every human, and they were not afraid of death as they experienced the multidimensional levels of the Universe. 

Probably the best research on the true age of civilisation is that published by Graham Hancock in his book, “Magicians of the Gods” where he writes of the unearthing of another massively impressive structure in southern Turkey. In 2013 the oldest known megalithic temple was discovered at the enormous site of Gobekli Tepe in Southern Turkey. The oldest parts of this great temple are accurately dated back to 12,000 years ago. The accuracy is because the structures were entombed rather than exposed to later reconstruction.

Hancock notes that what is most interesting is that the newer parts of the Gobekli Tepe complex are markedly less impressive than the oldest parts of the complex. What started as brilliant engineering and architecture became progressively much less impressive as the centuries rolled on in complete contrast to what we would expect. The standard of civilisation was in a noticeable decline. In terms of the great year, the earth was moving away from the golden era of Leo, the Lion King, the glorious time of the Gods and into the era of Cancer, the crab and astrologically symbolizes a very practical, domestic phase in the great year and in fact brought in a period of a matriarchal society and goddess worship.

But if we could build a great pyramid today, why would we? Well, perhaps as a far superior energy source than fossil fuels for a start. You see the latest studies of the Giza pyramids have concluded that they were in fact superpower plants producing an ecologically friendly ‘implosive’ power source rather than the fossil-fueled ‘explosive’ power source.

They were all built in hard granite and, as we all know, granite makes the highest quality batteries. Then they were sheathed in low conductive limestone slabs laid with engineered precision to contain the energy within. The largest of the great pyramids was gleaming white in its original state before the polished limestone coating slabs were all plundered in later times to build the palaces in the region. The other two smaller pyramids were red and black granite respectively. At the time of construction, a branch of the Nile ran right to the pyramids providing a water table beneath the pyramids; they were built on a magnetic lay line and they had the direct energy source of the sun with legend telling us the capstones were sheathed in gold. In effect, all the elements of a power generator that could supply the nearby city. But most importantly this was an implosive power source compared to the explosive nature of fossil-fueled power. Thousands of years later the free and renewable power creating technology of these pyramids consumed the genius mind of Nicolas Tesla.

Let there be light, and there was light. Recovered memory of ancient technology might just save our planet and bring us into the next golden age. It is written in the stars. This is the dawning of Aquarius, and a time of enlightenment.

Ref: https://heritagesciencejournal.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s40494-020-0356-9

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