I am the alpha

Image credit: Livescience.com

The hominid evolution from the chimpanzee in central Africa began about six million years ago. Presumably this was a natural evolution from a changing habitat requiring less swinging in trees and more walking on savannahs. Such climate and habitat changes do happen in nature. But they gradually evolve over millions of years so that they do not disrupt the balance of nature. However, I am sure, in my own mind, that somewhere along the evolutionary journey, thought to have been 2-300,000 years ago, scientists (for want of a better word) from some extra-terrestrial location arrived on earth and undertook manipulation of our DNA for both practical and scientific reasons. Our evolution was fast tracked a few million years to a level of intelligence that would make us immediately useful slaves and servants to our masters, our creators.

We became able to communicate more effectively with each other and with these overlords and referred to them as gods and angels. They may have created us as a distinct species of life, but they were not the creators of life itself. They were simply scientists manipulating life much as we do today with dog and horse breeding and with the conducting of brain experiments on mice and rats. There were two sub-species of homo sapiens, the Neanderthal homo sapiens and us, the homo sapiens sapiens. Humans dug the ditches, built the buildings and mined the mines for these colonisers of earth. According to our latest DNA tracing, our species originated south of the Zambezi River in North-West Botswana, Africa. According to Genesis this was more specifically ‘where a river departed from Eden to water the garden, and from there it divided and became four tributaries. The name of the first is Pishon, which is the circumnavigator of the land of Havilah where there is gold’. As it turns out, Northwest Botswana region is very rich in gold deposits. On the other hand, if our ancestors had relocated westwards to Mozambique then they could well have been in the Zambezi delta where the Zambezi river does divide into four tributaries before flowing to the sea. The river delta would have provided the fertile land to grow the food to support a workforce of slave miners operating throughout the mineral rich lands of Central Africa. As such it is my pick for the location of the Garden of Eden. Even from our own historical records, slavery raids between tribes existed as a normal part of life in Africa thousands of years before the British and Americans became involved in the trade in the 16th to 19th centuries and slavery still exists openly today in the mining industries of Central Africa.

About seventy thousand years ago, for whatever reason, large numbers of our species migrated out of this ’garden’ northwards and westwards through Africa, Europe, Asia and America. Sent out in mass for just getting too smart for our own good, relocated to establish new mining ventures in other parts of earth or just escaped? I don’t know, but the purest living examples of this migration are today found in Papua New Guinea and Australia whose aboriginal people, before the arrival of Europeans a few hundred years ago, trace an uncontaminated race for nearly 60,000 years. Throughout most of the rest of the world we are hybrids; different blends of evolved cultures and skin colours as white skins mated with dark skins. However, having emerged from the identical source as all other humans, the aboriginals of Australia and Papua New Guinea are the clear evidence of how all humans would have evolved today had there not been an intervention of major significance to turn black skins white and to teach a level of technology that is beyond the natural evolution of humans in only a few thousand years. The Zoroastrian writings, tracing back through our oldest written records, provide the only offered explanation in all of our oral and documented history as to why Europeans today do not look and live exactly as the Australian aborigines did just 100 years ago. One thousand years living in a subterranean laboratory following a cataclysmic comet strike is the experience that turned black skins white, dark hair blonde and brown eyes blue.

But critically, while our physical and mental DNA adapted to our subterranean limbo, what remained deep in our core was still the social DNA of the ape. Our social structure was still constructed around the alpha male syndrome. It fits perfectly with Darwin’s study of nature’s ‘survival of the strongest’ model. The domination of the group by the most powerful male who then claimed priority status in the mating process. The medieval European practice of ‘prima nocte’ was evidence of that same practice in humans. Dr Jane Goodall became the leading expert on chimpanzees after living with, and studying, them in Gombe, Tanzania. She learned that chimpanzees have a complex social structure very similar to humans involving friends, enemies and, most critically, battles for power.

The highest-ranking chimpanzee in a group is the alpha-male. These alpha-males operate differently, according to their personality, but the objective is the same: to command the subservience of other males and the sexual attraction of the females. Dr Goodall observed two alpha males in her study who she named Freud and Frodo. They were brothers but each had a very different leadership style. Freud controlled through fostering strong alliances and grooming those he wanted to keep under his command, he was a politician. Frodo on the other hand relied heavily on aggression and brute strength, he was a gangster. Below the alpha are several other males with whom the alpha may have complicated relationships. The alpha will have allies in his coalition but also competitors, aspirants to his position who need to be managed and isolated. Females also have a hierarchy led by the alpha-female. The alpha-female is not as likely to obtain rule through aggression and violence as a male, but rather through manipulating relationships, including with the alpha male.

The alpha of the chimpanzees is constantly under threat as there will always be a chimpanzee or a coalition of chimpanzees who want to overthrow the alpha and install a new chimpanzee in his or her place. But chimpanzee conflict goes beyond group infighting, it also extends to inter community fighting over territorial and mating rights. Dr Goodall reported on a four-year war between two chimpanzee communities in Gombe. During this conflict, eight adult males from one group killed all six males in the other and occupied their territory to mate with their females. In their warfare chimpanzees have been observed using primitive weapons of projectiles, weapons and even spears.

When they observed a major comet lining up for a direct hit on earth, the scientist/ coloniser gods decided it was time to pack up and go home. The question arose of what to do with us? And that was a question that apparently caused quite a level of heated debate amongst the Gods. Before the comet hit most went away, taking a few of the very best examples of us up into the Pleiadean heavens, probably to put in some science museum. But a few of the Gods chose to remain behind with us, and they herded a selection of the best examples into the limbo of underground life support capsules to be genetically modified and ready to repopulate and re-civilise the earth when it eventually recovered. The rest of humanity was left to face the fiery wrath of the comet in what became a hell on earth.

After the thousand-year nuclear winter came the global re-set. The chosen ones emerged from this subterranean hiatus into the sunlight. They divided up into twelve groups and set off in large sailing vessels with plants and animal species to find survivors and restart civilisation. We were taught medicinal use of plants. We learned the sophisticated construction skills and technology to build pyramids to generate free, renewable, and implosive energy plants. We were taught our knowledge of agriculture, pottery, metallurgy, astronomy, and technology. With the active support of the Gods, humankind survived and flourished; at least until the tower of Babel incident about 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia when our unbridled ambition led to the decision of the Gods to scatter us, confuse our language and thwart our ambitions. But tens of thousands of clay tablet written records remained to be rediscovered thousands of years later.

About 4-5,000 years ago the emerging civilisations of Greeks, Persians, Egyptians, and Israelites began making primitive written records of their oral stories of the glorious times when the gods lived amongst us. During the previous 5,000 years the seas had risen some 140 metres due to the warming of the planet and consequential melting of the ice caps, and at some point in time, the city of the Gods, Atlantis, had disappeared under water. With that loss of Atlantis, the records seem to indicate that the Gods were now only visitors not residents. Now we were largely left to our own initiatives with just check-up visits from the Gods from time to time.

We had all the skills to continue life in paradise as the Gods intended but, as a social species, we just couldn’t help ourselves. The technology given to us to make tools became technology to make weapons. Where chimpanzees used sticks and stones, our most senior alpha-males now control ballistic missiles. But at our essence, we still have the social gene of a chimpanzee. The alpha-male gene is both our human strength and our greatest threat; it could destroy us all in a heartbeat of madness. Donald Trump’s supporters were dominantly females and the lower ranked males who supported his alpha status.

One of humanity’s earliest gifts of the gods was that of creating and controlling fire. As relatively small animals ourselves, we were able to use strategically lit fires to stimulate the movement and control the direction of much larger beasts, usually into a canyon or other trap. Today there are many fires being lit, all at the same time. The anti-competitive #itsonlyagame movement; the anti-white supremacy #blacklivesmatter movement; the #metoo ‘name & shame the alpha-male’ movement and the gender-denial movement #areyouaboyoragirl?yes. These ‘Liberal’ movements are, actually, attempts to deny the alpha gene; to achieve a state of pure egalitarianism. No hierarchy, no racial distinction, no gender distinction.

The alpha gene is not exclusive to chimpanzees and humans of course, even the gods and angels had their alpha structure, and it could well be argued that the aspirational alpha process is the essence of life itself at the most fundamental atomic level.

The Liberal movement towards the idealistic state of egalitarianism is not new. Egalitarianism was the ideology of the Communist revolutionaries in the 20th century. However, the state of egalitarianism is unnatural and unsustainable and, as history has shown us, inevitably leads to the emergence of a ‘Frodo’ style violent alpha male like Stalin, Mao Zedong, or Pol Pot. The first reality check of egalitarianism is economic collapse. The famine that followed the Russian Communist revolution resulted in 5.5 million deaths by starvation with a further 3 million deaths by execution and state brutality. The Mao revolution in China resulted in 45 million deaths by starvation, overwork, and state brutality. In Cambodia Pol Pot’s genocide resulted in nearly 2 million deaths by starvation and state brutality, over 20% of their population at the time.

Equally, extremism in the anti-egalitarian, supremacist ideology produced Hitler. Following the loss of WW1 and the abdication of Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm, the centre-left Social Democratic party won the election and the Weimar Republic was established. Proportional representation was introduced, and the Weimar Republic government was soon comprised of a coalition of socially liberal political parties. The legal privileges of the aristocracy were abolished in the name of egalitarianism; progressive social liberalism was introduced into schools and prostitution was legitimised, which was all quite radical for Germany at that time. An illegal trade in hard drugs flourished, particularly in Berlin and, with it, organised crime and violence. But the socially liberal factions in government failed to focus on, and resolve, underlying economic hardships. Before the start of WW1 in 1913 the exchange rate was 4 German Marks: 1 US dollar, ten years later it was almost 7 trillion marks: 1US dollar.  A loaf of bread cost 32 billion marks and was rising daily. This inability to manage the post war economic challenges left the egalitarian coalition government vulnerable to extremists from both the left and the right side of politics; the KDP Communist Party now under the control of Stalin and the Nazis under Hitler came into the ring to fight for control of Germany. It was Hitler’s Extreme Right Wing Nazi Party that emerged to take power by brute force and if they were to eliminate the communist threat in Germany, they had to deal to Stalin, the godfather of communism. But the treasury was empty from years of economic chaos. With the murder of six million Jews came the theft of their wealth of gold, diamonds and other valuable assets to replenish the Treasury to fund the war against the Russian communists and its allies.  Like Stalin, Hitler was a Frodo Alpha and Frodo’s do not negotiate. It is a fight to the death. It is academic whether an aspiring leader wears a red shirt or blue shirt, it only matters whether they are a Frodo or a Freud.

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