Volume 2. Signs of the times

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Have I only been curating certain events in the previous essays to prove a theory or is humanity really governed by a cosmic force? Are patterns of life on earth really connected to our planet’s relationship with other celestial bodies? The Age of Pisces just passed is identified cosmically as the time of the philosopher, the dreamer, the artist, the spiritualist and indeed this common era has been a period in history when our have imaginations expanded exponentially from previous known ages. The Pisces Age began with sailing ships plying the Mediterranean and ended with space ships exploring the solar system. All achievements preceded with man’s dreams and imagination expanding beyond the lives of the primates from which we evolved and philosophising about our own and our universe’s creation.

If it is a reality that life is generally guided by the energies of the houses of the Zodiac, then the new age of Aquarius should be an age of healing. Healing for humanity and for the planet. Early indicators are certainly present that there is a change in the air initiated by a general sense of great alarm and self-flagellation for the behaviour of humans towards our planet and towards each other.

But to have any real confidence in the presence of a supreme cosmic force over our lives then there should be signs left behind in our history to identify the impact of the houses of the Zodiac in the thousands of years before Pisces. The age of Aries, 2147-0 bc under the cosmic sign of imposing military leadership; the Age of Taurus 4,284-2147 bc, under the cosmic sign of sensuality and civilisation and of Gemini 6,441-4,284 bc the cosmic sign of cooperation and trade; the Age of Cancer from 8,588-6,441 bc under the cosmic sign of domestication and as far back as our knowledge of human lifestyle goes the years 10,735-8,588 bc, the age of Leo, the cosmic king of the jungle, the sign of creativity and leadership.

This is a challenging task as we now have to dig for evidence from before the time when digital media, visual recordings, radio, the printing press and synthetic artefacts that defy the natural process of decay record our recent history for posterity. So our geologists, archeologists and philologists are painstakingly sifting through and examining pottery fragments, hieroglyphics, oral folklore, three kilometre deep ice cores, seabed sediment and impressive megaliths, constantly looking for the signs of human civilisation in the ages before our common era as we try to trace back how we got to this point in the evolution of our species.

The importance of history is to identify whether our experiences in life on this planet are linear, once experienced they become past history never to be repeated, or whether they are circular, wheels within wheels, the past repeating itself in different settings and different eras as we ever so slowly evolve towards some cosmic goal within a great cosmic calendar. My trail into our ancient history begins with the Bible and inevitably the history of the Jewish race which, without judgement, is possibly the most divisive race in Europe and the Middle East.

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